How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work? Recommend The Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

Here is to introduce the main links and steps of its work, the principle and knowledge of how the ultrasonic cleaning machine works.Ultrasonic wave is the frequency is higher than 20000 Hertz sound wave, it has good directivity, strong penetration ability, easy to get more concentrated sound energy, in the water spread distance, can be used for ranging, speed measurement, cleaning, welding, gravel, sterilization and so on.It has many applications in medicine, military, industry and agriculture.Ultrasound gets its name because its lower frequency limit is about equal to the upper limit of human hearing.The principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly through the transducer, the sound energy of the power supersonic frequency source is converted into mechanical vibration, through the cleaning tank wall will be ultrasonic radiation to the cleaning fluid in the tank.Due to the radiation of ultrasonic waves, the microbubbles in the liquid in the tank can keep vibrating under the action of sound waves.


When the pressure or intensity of sound reaches a certain level of pressure, the bubble will expand rapidly and then suddenly close.During this process, shock waves are generated at the moment of bubble closure, resulting in 1012-1013Pa pressure and local temperature regulation around the bubble. The huge pressure generated by ultrasonic cavitation can destroy insoluble dirt and make them differentiate in solution. Steam cavitation has direct and repeated impact on dirt.

On the one hand, destroy the adsorption on the surface of the dirt and clean, on the other hand can cause dirt layer by barge from fatigue damage, the vibration of the gas type bubble to scrub of solid surface, once the fouling layer seam drilling, bubble “into” vibration make the fouling layer falls off, immediately due to cavitation, two kinds of liquid in the interface quick dispersion and emulsification,When the solid particles is smeary wrapped and on the surface of the adhesive in cleaning, oil was emulsified and solid particles to fall off, ultrasonic propagation in the cleaning fluid will produce positive and negative alternating pressure, jet formation, the impact of cleaning, at the same time due to nonlinear effects will produce acoustic streaming and acoustic streaming, and ultrasonic cavitation in the interface of solid and liquid will produce high speed micro jet,

All these effects,It can destroy dirt, remove or weaken boundary dirt layer, increase stirring and diffusion, accelerate the dissolution of soluble dirt, and strengthen the cleaning effect of chemical cleaning agent.It can be seen that wherever the liquid can be immersed and the sound field exists, there is a cleaning effect, and its characteristics are suitable for the cleaning of parts with very complex surface shapes.Especially after adopting this technology, the amount of chemical solvents can be reduced, thus greatly reducing environmental pollution.

The second ultrasonic wave propagates in the liquid, so that the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate together at the ultrasonic frequency. The liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate at their own natural frequency. This vibration frequency is the frequency of sound waves, so people hear the buzz.

In addition, in the process of ultrasonic cleaning, the bubbles visible to the naked eye are not vacuum nuclear group bubbles, but air bubbles, which inhibit cavitation and reduce cleaning efficiency.Only when the air bubbles in the liquid are completely dragged away can the vacuum nuclear group bubble of cavitation achieve the best effect.

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